About the UK Chapter

The UK Chapter of the IAIM was established in 1997 and has since trained over 13,000 Certified Infant Massage Instructors (CIMIs), who come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and experience.

All IAIM Chapters are non-profit organisations that respect the IAIM mission statement, bylaws and policies and procedures. There is only one IAIM Chapter per country and each Chapter has an elected board and/or committee who are responsible for supporting the growth and development of the Association within their country. Members are supported in a variety of ways and within the UK this includes:

  • Regular Educational Study Days and Course Refresher Days
  • Trainer led massage stroke refresher sessions
  • A newsletter three times a year
  • Access to news, research and other resources on the IAIM Members website
  • Support from your peers via the IAIM Facebook page and WhatsApp group
  • Support from your course Trainer
  • Support from the UK Chapter Executive Board and IAIM Office

The UK Chapter Executive Board

The UK Chapter has an Executive Board with most Members being trained Instructors. The Board currently consists of:

Roisin Sproule

Vice President 
Caroline Barber

CIMI Support Co-ordinator
Clare Straughan

Education Co-ordinator

Finance & Business Officer
Fiona Crouch

International Chapter Rep

Marketing & PR Co-ordinator

Newsletter Editor
Anita Bates

If you wish to contact a member of the Board please email them using the relevant address listed above or contact the IAIM Office on 020 8989 9597.