IAIM Events and Continuing Education

Training Course Refreshers:

The training course refresher day is specifically designed for CIMIs (Certified Infant Massage Instructors) who would like to refresh their knowledge of the IAIM training programme.

The TCR day includes a full stroke review including positioning, permission, massage alternatives, strokes, gentle movements and the colic routine. It will also cover facilitation skills and ideas for relaxations, icebreakers, delivering theory and discussions, as well as time for questions and topics put forward by the group. CIMIs will also be provided with the latest mandatory handouts for additional needs, babies born prematurely and parent handouts. This refresher day will boost your confidence delivering classes and reignite your passion for nurturing touch. 

Kent – 28th February 2023
Contact: crystal@connectedbabies.co.uk

Essex – 10th March 2023
Contact: enquiries@childways.co.uk

Ballymena, NI – 17th March 2023
Contact carolinenurturingtouch@gmail.com

Bristol – 31st March 2023
Contact carolinenurturingtouch@gmail.com

Central London – May 17th 2023
Contact: crystal@connectedbabies.co.uk

Online – 10th July 2023
Contact: mary@babyandchildmassage.co.uk

Continuing Education: 

Facilitating Relaxation in IAIM Classes

This interactive 2 hour online workshop was designed as continuing education to offer IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructors (CIMIs) more confidence and practical examples to facilitate the relaxation element of our classes. Learn the science behind why this small section of our class makes such a big difference and expand your knowledge of relaxation techniques to really engage your parents.

Course includes a detailed booklet with relaxation examples and lots of opportunities to connect and share with your fellow CIMIs.

2hrs Online – Wednesday 15th March 10am
2hrs Online – Monday 12th June 7.30pm
Contact: crystal@connectedbabies.co.uk