Kate Pigeon-Owen

In 1998 Kate trained as an IAIM instructor with Sylvie Hetu and was so inspired with the power of nurturing touch and the worldwide mission of the organisation, that she became an international Trainer in 2011.  She is passionate about Attachment Parenting and honours the role of the parent as being the expert of their own child.

With a background in counselling and stress management she is totally committed to helping parents use their intuition to create a safe nurturing environment for them and their babies, creating a long-standing loving relationship that will flourish.

Kate trained as an International Massage in Schools Programmes Instructor and Trainer and she is a co-founder, with her dear colleague and friend Caroline Roberts, of the Wellbeing For Mothers & Babies Instructor training.

Humanitarian endeavours are important to her too and she feels extremely privileged to have a continuing role working in supporting neo-natal intensive care staff and Health Visitors in Kenya, helping them in their mission to spread the word of nurturing/loving touch. Kate works in the UK, Canada and in the Far East.

Kate has appeared on television and has spoken on BBC Radio including Woman’s Hour, as well as publishing numerous articles on education, nurturing touch and stress in several leading newspapers and magazines.

Kate is a trained Mental Health First Responder and is a lecturer and facilitator on all things Menopausal.

Kate‘s degree is in Business Studies, specialising in marketing. She enjoys helping instructors build their infant massage network.

Phone: 01379 677335

Email: enquiries@childways.co.uk

Website: www.childways.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Childways

Instagram: @childwaysbabymassage