Bec Slater

Hi, Bec Slater here and I’m one of your Regional Reps for the IAIM UK Chapter, here to support old and not so old CIMIs, with any questions or support you might need, as well as welcoming new students and those newly qualified CIMIs.

I trained as a CIMI way back in 2005 and since then I have delivered classes through a local children’s centre, and also as an independent CIMI, running my own sessions. I also work for the international parenting programme, Parents As First Teachers where I train and support other professionals and practitioners in delivering this research and evidence based home-visiting programme.

I have two boys; my youngest is at Uni in Belfast and my eldest qualified as a paramedic last year and lives nearby in Reading, Berkshire, where I’m based. Most Saturday mornings you’ll find me partaking and/or volunteering at a 5km parkun; I’m currently chasing the Alphabet Challenge (if you know, you know!!)
I LOVE the IAIM and what it stands for and that’s why I am delighted to represent the Chapter. During Covid, the Chapter ran a Spirit of Community project and I was fortunate to be one of the award recipients. I was able to use the money to run an infant massage class for a local charity that supports women fleeing domestic abuse.

We all know the many benefits of massage and I hope we can collectively work to ensure as many families as possible are offered the opportunity to experience a class.

Looking forward to seeing some of you on an upcoming Zoom, which us Reps plan to offer on a regular basis.


Bec Slater
07557 980 091