Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents by Vimala McClure



This is the book given to all student CIMIs and is written by the founder of the IAIM, Vimala McClure.

In this book Vimala shares how massage benefits children – easing discomfort, releasing tension, helping premature infants gain weight, even helping asthmatic children improve breathing function. She explains each step of the massage process with simple instructions and photographs demonstrating each stroke. You will also find:

o Routines tailored to help relieve colic, fever, chest and nasal congestion
o Modified instructions for premature infants and babies with special needs
o Helpful hints on dealing with crying and fussing
o Lullabies, rhymes, and games to enhance the massage experience
o Guidance for teaching children about “good touch”
o A special chapter dedicated to fathers
o Compassionate advice for foster and adoptive parents
o And much more

An essential item for all CIMIs.

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